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What I Learnt From a 7yr Old’s Birthday Party

My niece had her birthday party recently and as I sat stuffing my face with party rings dressed unwillingly in a cheap Belle costume dress, I realised a few things.

1. Princess dresses are itchy. They might look good, but they are definitely itchy and I came away from that party with red marks on my arms.

2. Wigs also are very itchy. I have a new respect for drag queens everywhere.

3. Face paint is very cool. My sister is extremely skilled at art and painted the faces of all the girls at the party and I was extremely jealous, especially of the girl who had “Little Mermaid” shells painting on her forehead. Why is this not acceptable for adults?

4. Girls are LOUD when there is more than one of them in a room.

5. Never have blue icing near a cream rug.

6. Adults are more impressed by cake skills than children are! Most of these kids just wondered why there was an Elsa doll stuck in a cake, rather than marvelling at the delicate detailing that had been painstakingly put into the cakey skirt.

7. Little girls are very competitive and will stand still for a good 5 minutes in order to beat everyone else, even if the prize is only a starburst.

8. There’ll always be at least one kid that is sick at a birthday party.

9. There’s always one kid that asks for the toilet twenty times in an hour.

10. 7y old girls are very good at fake crying.

11. There is likely to be absolutely no left overs from a children’s party. Not because they have eaten all the food, but because they will have stuck their little fingers in everything there.

2 thoughts on “What I Learnt From a 7yr Old’s Birthday Party

  1. Ahaha this made me laugh. Oh they do love to stick their fingers in everything don’t they? And I have always thought those costumes seem itchy! It’s definitely a sight to behold when they start getting competitive, too.
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