Here’s to You (Part 4)

– The girls who ALWAYS put their toe, or entire leg, through the holes in ripped jeans. – The girls who own 50 pairs of shoes and wear the same pair every day. – The girls who binge watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race.– The girls who can’t do their make-up as good as the b*tches on Ru Paul’s Drag Race. – The girls who leave […]

Dating Tales: The Time I Was The Worst Date Ever

I have written in my bio that I am a dating failure, and that is no lie.   I am a dating failure. Not to say that I am an awful date (please date me..I’m pretty average looking, have an adorable pre-made child, and can be funny, sometimes…), it just so happens that A LOT of the dates that I have been on have been […]

20 Ways My Kid Has Woke Me Up

As an expectant parent one of the most common phrases you will hear is – “Get all your sleep in now, because you won’t get any when the baby comes!” And unfortunately, it is kind of true. (Although, the idea that you can somehow save up sleeping hours is nonsensical and annoying. I will sleep now, not because you told me too Belinda who works […]

26 for 26

Today is my birthday! I probably wrote that with much more enthusiasm than I actually feel. It’s not that I’m worried about getting older or anything like that, I just tend to find other peoples birthday’s much more fun than my own (Anyone else feel like that?), but there will be cake so there’s definitely something to be happy about! Anyway…as it does signify the […]

Here’s to You! (Part 3)

– The girls that obsess over Eurovision each year, and cheer at the top of our lungs every time the UK gets a point, even though we know we won’t win. – The girls who are trying to diet and the ice cream man has started to taunt you with his merry tune – The girls who love being outside in the sun until they […]

The Unexpected Perks of Having a Small Child

Not to say that there aren’t any perks of having a small child, of course there are, but these are the ones that all perspective parents might not think of. 1- A reason not to go out. Don’t wanna go to that family friend’s Christmas party? Scared of the unwarranted sloppy kiss from your “favourite Auntie”? And not forgetting the awkward conversations about the non-existent […]

Here’s To You! (Part 2)

-The girls who know that cooking a frozen pizza is a fine art. (One minute it is still frozen, the next minute it is burnt!) – The girls who cannot meal plan to save their lives.– The girls who have thread veins before the age of thirty. (What is that about?) – The girls who sit in the bath thirty minutes longer than they planned […]

(NOT) How To: Use Coconut Oil For Your Skin

Lots of people rave about the many uses of coconut oil, and since I already had it in the house (for my hair) I thought I would try it out on my face. (Mostly because I wasn’t too sure about how I would feel about it in my mouth…that’s what she said.) ** I am not an expert** You should use coconut oil for your […]

Here’s to You! (Part 1)

Here’s to you/me/us: – The girls who pop a spot as soon as it dare make an appearance. We know we shouldn’t, we tell other people they shouldn’t, but as soon as it raises its ugly yellow head we have to get rid of it – and fast! – The girls who started a diet a week ago and the cucumber you brought for “salad” […]

10 Gross Things My Kid Has Done

To me M is perfect, but she is just a baby and that means she does some things us mums would rather not talk about…well not me. Nearly every day M does something that amazes and astounds me, but 6/10 times those things are pretty gross. Here is a run down of the 10 best (or weirdest) ones.  1. She licked my foot. Actually she […]