26 for 26

Today is my birthday!

I probably wrote that with much more enthusiasm than I actually feel. It’s not that I’m worried about getting older or anything like that, I just tend to find other peoples birthday’s much more fun than my own (Anyone else feel like that?), but there will be cake so there’s definitely something to be happy about!

Anyway…as it does signify the start of a new year for me, here are 26 things to do while I’m 26.

1) Have a holiday. I actually go to Edinburgh in two weeks, so I already know I will achieve this but it’s important to me because I haven’t had a holiday in sooo long. It’ll also gonna be Mini Me’s first holiday. I love firsts.

2) Finish writing my book. I started writing a book about 3 years ago now, and I’m only 10% done. I love the story, I love the characters, I love reading through the bits I’ve done, I just don’t love sitting down and doing it. If I could pay someone in tea and biscuits to come and type for me as I ramble out scenes, I would. My fingers can’t go as fast as my brain.

3) Write more in general. I love this blog already. I love thinking up ideas, I love writing all my lists (I really love lists…can you tell?), I love the little notebook I’ve brought to organise my thoughts, I love talking to other bloggers, I love the new communities and ideas it has lead me to, but most of all I love that it has given me something to occupy me that doesn’t involve dribble, having cheese sandwiches thrown at me, vacuuming, nappies, sippy cup tantrums, or washing up. (Yay, for parenthood. I do love it really.)

4) Make my house feel like a home. Before I moved in, I and pretty much every member of my family and all my close friends, spent weeks painting every room so that it would feel like a proper home. Nearly a year on, it still doesn’t. I spent all my money on paint, carpet, white goods and the odd second-hand piece of furniture, and although I know I have it better than a lot of people, it just feels empty. This year I want to find lots of lovely messy bric-a-brac to fill my house.

5) Take Mini Me to the beach. I won’t be able to afford another holiday this year (Y’know…unless I win the lottery…with a ticket that I don’t usually even purchase. Fingers crossed guys!), but I would love a little day out to take her to the beach. I’m excited to see her reaction to sand, and hopefully she won’t react in the same way my brother did the first time on a beach and eat it.

6) Go to the zoo or safari park. I fudging LOVE animals, and I haven’t been to the zoo in years. I also think that Mini Me would love it. She tends to get confused by animals because she thinks they are teddies until they start to move, which is very entertaining for me but also adorable.

7) Buy a new laptop. I’m reminded of this because this one is actually currently overheating and having a bit of a breakdown, and I’ve literally been using it half an hour.

8) Learn to cook something new (or a few new things). It’s not that I can’t cook, I’m okay at it…kinda…but I just don’t cook many things. I always tend to master one thing, and then cook that for 3 years ’til I’m bored of it and try something else to add to the weekly mix.

9) Learn to bake something new. I also have the same problem with baking. For example: I made an amazing cheesecake for my sister’s baby shower. I then made the same one for Mother’s Day and my sister’s birthday.

10) Learn to drive. Over the years I’ve actually started to hate the fact I can’t drive, and now that I have to drag a baby in a pushchair with me everywhere I go I hate it even more. This includes pram bus roulette, heading for the bus to go to your doctors appointment in half an hour and not knowing if you will actually be able to get on the bus at all.

11) See my friends more. I will be honest, I am quite lazy. I love my friends, but when it comes to messaging them or planning days out, I really suck. Which is a shame, because whenever I see them I have a great time.

12) Make new friends. This might seem silly considering I’ve just admitted to being a cruddy friend, but I have very few friends. I do fully believe in quality over quantity, but I would also like more friends with other interests similar to me, and maybe more mummy friends.

13) Do something with my garden. The only person who ever goes out into my garden is me when I’m mowing, which is sad because it’s actually an okay garden. I’m hoping that if I show it a bit more love, I can have garden parties and pretend to be a fun garden party throwing type person.

14) Learn how to use a drill. Or just general DIY type things. I’m naturally a very clumsy person – hence the name of my blog – and avoid anything with the slightest potential for danger, but I really should learn to do more things now that I live alone. (Especially as my cupboard door literally fell off its hinges and I have simply left it propped up and told everyone not to open it since.)

15) Get a kitchen bin. I know what you’re all thinking, but I have somehow got into the habit of a plastic bag on the door handle. (Just like my Nan used to.)

16) Get more make-up. I have a set of make-up that I literally use for everyday. Same look every day. It’s getting boring.

17) Learn to use make-up brushes properly. Today I was given a whole bundle of new make-up brushes, and it’s my intention to learn to used each and every one and somehow end up looking like Jennifer Lawrence. (Please God?)

18) Eat more healthily more regularly. My diet and exercise has been better in the past year than it ever has been, but inconsistently. I have finally figured out the right way to eat healthily and lead a balanced lifestyle, but every now and again I just forget and stick a pizza in the oven (Or order dominoes…who am I trying to kid.)

19) Read more books. I have about 4 books currently sat waiting to be read. C’mon Lucy! This is something you KNOW you can do!

20) Get outdoors more. I hate feeling like I’ve been in the house for days. I get really bad cabin fever, so I just need to remember that going out doesn’t have to mean spending lots of money. Mini Me LOVES the swings, and that’s good enough.

21) Take more pictures. I have an abundance of pictures of Mini Me, but stopped taking any landscapes and architectural as soon as she was born. I would love to fill my house with pictures of places I have been, so need to start remembering to actually take the pictures.

22) Go to more live shows. I went to a live comedy show last year and I enjoyed myself so much, yet haven’t planned anything so far this year. Time for that to change.

23) Enter a race. I really want to take part in a colour run or mud race type event. The dream is to do the Bear Grylls Survival Race, but I would probably spontaneously combust at the second hurdle so need to prepare for this…maybe should do this towards the end of the year.

24) Do something with the girls. I haven’t had a single night on the town since Mini Me was born. Not one. I need to learn to give myself some time off to be young.

25) Do more activities with Mini me. I’ve recently seen loads of activities that you can do with your kid at home, and I currently do very few of them. I’m really scared of being a boring Mummy, so will put in extra effort to do fun things she will enjoy.

26) Be more present and be thankful. I tend to really under appreciate all that I have, but I am learning.

8 thoughts on “26 for 26

  1. This is a great birthday post. I'm 35 now, and I'm thinking of doing a 5 things before I'm 40 post – one big thing a year, or maybe 5 smaller things a year…a 5 year plan as it were! 🙂 #tribe

  2. Ah I want to do so many of these things as well! What kind of book are you writing that sounds interesting! If someone could come and type for me I would get so many things done so much more efficiently hahah! Love it. I went to the beach with my little one and he was really confused by the whole "sand" concept haha. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a very lovely day. : )

  3. Really enjoyed your post and reading your List! I hope that you get to do everything on your list. I recently learned how to use a drill because at work we are building a community garden. It was not nearly as hard as I had imagined. Really do take some time for yourself and go out with your girlfriends. I don't get to do it often but feel so refreshed afterwards.


  4. I just turned 29 and have one of these lists, so far i've managed to tick off a few things! Hopefully your be able to too! xx


  5. Happy belated birthday, I took my little girl to Chester Zoo for her first birthday and Knowsley Safari Park last week and she absolutely loved it. We are so lucky that we have a zoo literally 5 minutes in a car

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