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What’s In My (Nappy) Bag?

I seem to be clearing out my bag every two or three days and yet somehow its always full and I’m always left looking like an idiot searching for my purse or bus ticket whilst a queue forms behind me. I cannot fathom how it always gets to full, when I merely carry the essentials!

My purse: With fifteen pence in pennies, two five pence pieces and an abundance of receipts for milk from Iceland, most of which are from months ago. (Why do I never seem to keep the important ones? Like that bedspread that I brought a few weeks ago. Could be handy if I could find that!)

Used tissues: Well, actually these aren’t used at all but for some reason they look like they are. What they actually are is scrumped up pieces of kitchen roll that I have thrown into my bag when my hayfever is acting up, and I just haven’t gotten around to taking the dusty leftover bits out yet.

My debit card: This is hardly ever in my purse. I don’t know why I have such an issue with putting it back but it might have something to do with that guilt that you get when there is a queue behind you at the till and you’ve forgotten your bag for life and are having to ram everything into the pram basket under the rain cover.

A sleepsuit: Mini only wears these to bed now, but for some reason I keep one in my bag…just in case.

T-shirt and leggings for Mini: Taking up the majority of the space.

Nappy and wipes and drink for Mini: The nappies are usually crumpled up by the time that you actually come to use them.

Sudocrem: Just because…

Two Cherry Soothers: From when I had a sore throat two months ago. I keep them handy, but if I actually wanted to have one I have no doubt that they would be mostly soft, sticky and stuck to the wrapper.

Receipts and pennies: These are usually the important ones, and for some reason I can clear out my bag and still have at least three receipts left in there.

Perfume: I’m forever in fear of smelling and yet forever forgetting that I have perfume in my bag.

Headphones: In an untanglable death knot that I have given up on.

My sunglasses: Scratched.

Mini’s sunglasses: Perfect condition.

Three broken pieces up Skips/Quavers: No idea where these have some from but they are always there.

My glasses case: My glasses are still on my dresser at home.

Bottle of Calpol: Whether this is in or out of it’s box really depends on the day. I nearly never have the suspension syringe though.

Two baby spoons: No, Mini doesn’t use these any more.

LeapPad Telephone: Has been a lifesaver on many occasions. It’s one of the only toys that will distract Mini from a toy tantrum.

Snacks: Usually the aforementioned Skips/Quavers and every now and then I decide that a banana is a good idea. The fact is it is never a good idea. Bananas never come out of a handbag looking appetising, but for some reason Mini gets excited as soon as she sees the black speckled yellow. Five minutes later and its everywhere. The pram, her legs, her t-shirt, knitted into her jumper, up her nose and in her hair – and that stuff is like glue!

One yellow childrens bobble.

One blue hair clip.

One hair grip.

My keys: At the bottom, underneath everything else.

What do you keep in your bag? Is it as messy as mine?

2 thoughts on “What’s In My (Nappy) Bag?

  1. Worry not you do not stand alone. My bag is as messy as messy can be and it really annoys me. I clean it out everyday and by the end of the next is in exactly the same sad state! To add to your stuff I also have infinit hot wheels cars and biscuit crumbs everywhere. And who thought it would be a good idea to take yogurts in your bag?!? Me apparently. Needless to say it was all over my bag when I wanted to give it to my daughter and she was very upset. #triballove x

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