Things That Make Me Feel Like I’m Still A Child

I don’t think I can pretend any longer, it’s finally time to admit that I am officially an adult.

I held out for 26 years, but now that I live alone and have to pay bills, do chores and make my own meals, I think I have to give it up. That’s not to say that there aren’t still a few things that make me feel like I am still a child, and make me question my ability to “adult”. One of which is understanding taxes, rebates and pensions. (Why are kids still not taught this stuff in school?)

I still feel cheeky when I buy wine from the shop and aren’t asked for I.D. I feel like I have somehow managed to do my makeup that day in a way that makes me look older, and that I could get caught out at any second. Of course, I always carry 2 forms of I.D on me.

I still obsess over Disney films, and have a playlist of Disney songs on my iTunes. In fact, my niece is having a princess birthday party soon, and my Mum brought me a Belle costume. I then may, or may not, have moaned about it because I wanted to be Anna from Frozen. (In my defence, what kid doesn’t love Frozen? The kids would have loved that…)

I still refuse to eat my sweetcorn when my Mom serves it to me. I do like sweetcorn, I just don’t think it has any place on a Sunday roast. Peas belong there, or even broccoli, but never sweetcorn.

I still enjoy obsess over colouring within the lines, and all the correct colours. If my niece has a colouring book I WILL help. (This is why I can’t have those adult colouring books, that’s not relaxing, that’s 14 hours obsessing over neat colouring and what pencils to use.)

I still really get grumpy when I have to do chores. WHY ARE THINGS SO MESSY! I need a cleaner.

I still get really excited about Christmas. It is, legit, the BEST time of the year. Not because of the presents, but because of the atmosphere, the magic and the warmth that is all around. I also still have to put out milk and mince pies for Santa.

I still cheer with glee when my Mom tells me we can have pudding at a restaurant. I mean, I can buy my own, but it’s so much better when my Mom has brought it.

I still get excited at snow. Even a little.

I still have to blow bubbles whenever I have chewing gum.

10 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Feel Like I’m Still A Child

  1. I'm exactly the same when it comes to colouring. My kids are too young to colour inside the lines or choose the right colours and so every time they are colouring it makes feel quite stressed and I need to try really hard not to get involved �� #triballove

  2. I think we spend a whole lot of time being a grown up so I am a massive advocate for letting childhood go on for as long as possible so well done to you! The sweetcorn point really made me laugh! x

  3. Hahah same on the ID thing, I went to a bar the other day and the bouncer asked for my ID (which I didn't bring because who brings these now-a-days?) and I was like 'Oh I'm 29' (I AM 27!) hahah but for some reason 29 sounds better in my head LOL. I agree on re taxes, rebates and pensions, they should teach this in school because I have no idea what's going on there. #triballove

  4. It's funny that you post this because I feel like I'm always trying to explain to the teens that I work with that they shouldn't be in such a rush to grow up. I try to share about how exhausting being an adult really is especially when you have a lot of responsibilities. I turn thirty next month and I still can't believe it. And yes I get frustrated by how often I get carded when buying alcohol. Thanks for sharing Lucy! #TribalLove

  5. Hahah,,,I’m just the same about chewing gum, the snow, colouring and Disney films, too. Last Sunday I celebrated my 52…And there is no birthday without candles and cake…:))

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