Pros & Cons of Living Alone – THE PROS

Okay, a little disclaimer, I don’t technically live alone. Of course, there is a little Mini Me running around this household, however having lived with flatmates, boyfriends and parents I can tell you it pretty much is still very much like living alone (apart from all the great Mini cuddles I get.)

Living alone can be great, but it can also be super lonely and sometimes scary – mostly when I am lay in bed at night and hear a funny noise! Sometimes, when I’m washing up for the fourth time in two days, I have to remind myself of all the pros of living alone.


– Washing up. I never have to wash up after anyone but myself. (And Mini.) 
– No one there to judge me for doing nothing all day, and no comments such as “Are you going to get out of your pyjamas today?”. 
– Take as long as I want in the bath/shower! I don’t have to get out for someone to take a pi** or because anyone is complaining at my water usage! 
– ALL THE BANDWIDTH. When I lived with my Mom I had to share the internet with my brother, sister and Mom. Did I mention my brother has an Xbox, laptop and phone…aka very slow internet. 
– I can decorate however I want. If I wanted red walls this week and black next week there is no  one to stop me! (If that was really the case though I really think someone should stop me…) 
– Kingsize bed to myself.  Starfishing every night! 
– Take as long as I like to get ready without any judgemental faces, moaning or complaining. (Okay, maybe moaning from Mini.) 
– I don’t have to clean to someone else’s standards. If I don’t have the energy to vacuum today, I won’t judge me. If I leave my towel on by bathroom floor overnight, I won’t yell at me. 
– Toilet seat is NEVER up. 
– I can watch whatever I like on TV. I don’t ever have to watch football or Homes Under The Hammer. 
– I can play music, and sing along, as LOUD as I like! 
– I can eat whatever I like. Mini Me can’t tell me not to have pizza four times a week, she isn’t the adult here 😉 
– No one snoring! I can go to bed whenever I want, and don’t have to go to bed early to make sure I am asleep before a snorer! Peaceful, peaceful sleep. 

3 thoughts on “Pros & Cons of Living Alone – THE PROS

  1. Ohh you've taken me right back to when I had my own flat in London, pre baby times. It was awesome! I did have my other half staying for a few nights a week but star fishing all the other nights was the best. I remember being apprehensive about getting somewhere on my own to begin with but it was great and I really loved having a space just for myself xx #triballove

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