Pros & Cons of Living Alone – THE CONS

**Disclaimer: I obviously don’t technically live alone, however having lived with flatmates, boyfriends and parents I can tell you  that living with Mini is pretty much like living alone (apart from all the great Mini cuddles I get.)**

Living alone is great, don’t get me wrong (If you don’t believe me, go and check out my last post about it), but there are nights when I lay in bed and wish that I didn’t leave alone at all – mostly after hearing knocking from next door. I love not having to live by anyone else’s rules any more, but if you are thinking of moving out…here are a few cons.


– Washing up. I have to do all of the washing up. Fair enough it’s my own stuff, but I never get a break from it. Maybe there really is something to that paper plates thing…
– No conversation. I mean I can talk to Mini, but her replies very rarely fall into the correct context. “Mini, I think we need to go food shopping today”..”Nanan. Ta-da!” 
– I end up in my pyjamas a lot, which is fine until you have to open your door to anyone. 
– No one for second opinions. If I’m not sure of my outfits there is no one to reassure me, and there is no one to throw away/burn that pink top that I should really never wear. 
– No one to help decorate. Sure, I have full control over the colour, but I also have to buy the paint, and roller it on myself. Gone are the days of bank of Mom. 
– No more Mom’s Launderette either. Nothing ends up magically folded on my bed,  I have to wash and hang everything myself. I miss having a tumble-dryer too, who knew those things were so expensive. 
– I have to remember when to put the bins out, and which bin goes out which week. 
– Cleaning the toilet. I have to do that all the time now. I didn’t know lime scale was such an issue. 
– I basically have to do all of the chores, actually. Cleaning out the fridge – Me. Cleaning the oven – Me. Ironing – Me. Dusting – Me. Me. Me. Me. 
– I have to pay for all the bill too. BOOOOOO! 
– I have to prepare and cook all of my own meals. This means I’m getting a lot fatter, both because take away is easy, and there is no one to tell me no or cook me something else! 
– The worst thing of all – there is no one to save me! At night there is a lot of noises, and I have worked out that pretty much all of them are just next door walking up and down their own stairs, but I get freaked out a lot! And there is no one to go and check that there are no axe murders or burglars in my house, I have to do that myself! – Cut to me slowly walking into all rooms with my fists up ready and quickly turning the light on (As if I could do anything if there was anyone there… I have zero upper body strength.)  

5 thoughts on “Pros & Cons of Living Alone – THE CONS

  1. On have to admit I don’t miss living alone. Especially for that last reason. In the last ten years I started getting a bit irrationally scared of every noise I hear at night. I can barely sleep at all when me and my toddler are the only ones being home. It is nice to be independent though and not always having to share every decision with someone else. You definitely got the CONS right. I’ve been trying to explain them to my little brother who is so eager to move far away on his own. Thanks for sharing! #TribalLove

  2. I have never lived alone, but a lot of your issues I can identify with, once in bed my oh will not investigate noises I’ve heard no matter how many times I wake him so I have to investigate on my own often with just a hairbrush to defend myself should I come across a serial killer in my front room or an axe welding maniac in the kitchen !!! And as for washing up – that is why we have a dish washer because I was fed up with having dishwasher hands !!! The cooking thing again isn’t much better daddy cooking = takeaway !!!

  3. I’ve always managed to kid myself that if I lived alone I’d somehow manage to keep my place magically tidy with minimal effort, but now I’ve read this I realise that I’ve been naive, haha. I’d imagine living alone is really scary. I remember once while I was at university, someone tried to break into our house, and then the next night everyone went home, so I was alone. I got very little sleep that night, haha. Still on the bright side you get to live by your own rules, and no one can judge you for dancing around in your underwear whilst using a hair brush as a microphone (; x

  4. Living alone is scary. I have never done it but my older sister does in Canada. Reading through your list I actually do a lot of those things – my husband has an easy life! I always do the bins, washing and most of the dishes! You have all of us tribal ladies on the other end of the chat if you need us.

    #triballove xx
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  5. I am currently living alone, which I do absolutely love, but I get what you mean by having no one to save you. It can get really scary, when you think about it! (And I have an attic, which I suspect is attracting squirrels…) Having to do all the chores by myself is a pain, and I always feel like there is something to do cleaning-wise. But overall I wouldn’t give up living alone for anything! It is nice having a place for me only. 🙂
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