Here’s To You (Part 5)

– The girls who get hooked on a Netflix series and HAVE to watch it all in one day.

– The girls who are upset that a series on Netflix doesn’t fit all in one day and we have to go to bed at some point.

-The girls who dream about being a part of the Netflix series because we watched too much of it before bed.

– The girls who have to Google what is going to happen next on the Netflix series, because we just can’t handle it.

– The girls who find themselves watching Netflix on the laptop, iPad or phone while there child happily watches Mr. Tumble on your TV.

– The girls who watch Netflix on their phones whilst in the bath.

– The girls who watch Netflix on their phones whilst washing up.

– The girls who feel heartbroken when one of their favourite characters dies, and have to stop watching Netflix for a day.

– The girls who feel a significant loss when a series ends.

– The girls who get unnecessarily angry (or…necessarily I would say) when only 6 out of 7 seasons are on Netflix!!


**I am looking to start a series under the theme of celebrating the imperfect you. If you would like to write something for this series, please contact me at:**

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