Here’s to You! (Part 3)

– The girls that obsess over Eurovision each year, and cheer at the top of our lungs every time the UK gets a point, even though we know we won’t win.

– The girls who are trying to diet and the ice cream man has started to taunt you with his merry tune

– The girls who love being outside in the sun until they are chased for 5 minutes by a bee, can’t enjoy a sandwich without being bombarded by 3 flies, and walk into  6 cobwebs when trying to hang out washing for the first this year.

– The girls who burn when out in the sun for 10 minutes.

– The girls who always plan to have a BBQ on the one day it rains.

– The girls who sleep with one leg out of the duvet when it’s even slightly warm. And then the other leg out of the duvet. And then why is there so much duvet? And then move that pillow it’s too close to my face. And now my legs are cold. And now my legs are sticking together, so let’s starfish so that they aren’t so sticky. No, it’s still too warm, let’s flip the duvet up so just our feet are out. Omgosh it’s 4.36am?! I need to sleep, I will only get 3 hours sleep now! Ok, lets go to sleep now. Now. Anytime now would be great. Let’s just sleep on my back, I mean it’s so uncomfortable and I never fall asleep this wa….

One thought on “Here’s to You! (Part 3)

  1. haha! I hate the wasps and bees… I go outside to sit in the sun and as soon as one buzzes near me, I'm back in with the doors shut! Urgh! they ruin my summer lol – and I've given up on dieting! well, at least until the next time my kids tell not to wave because of my bingo wings! #sods – funny post

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