Here’s to You! (Part 1)

Here’s to you/me/us:

– The girls who pop a spot as soon as it dare make an appearance. We know we shouldn’t, we tell other people they shouldn’t, but as soon as it raises its ugly yellow head we have to get rid of it – and fast!

– The girls who started a diet a week ago and the cucumber you brought for “salad” is still half eaten in the fridge. And will probably stay there for another week.

– The girls that decide not to do the washing up before bed because you are just too tired, only to stay awake in bed until 1am.

– The girls who have a load of food in house and nothing to eat (because it’s all healthy food and your diet doesn’t start until tomorrow.)

– The girls who start a new shampoo when there is still a small amount left in the last bottle, and don’t throw away the old bottle because…well…there’s still shampoo in it.

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