Birth: Why Women Forget The Pain

The downright gorgeous Holly Willoughby has recently been quoted saying that she loves giving birth. She said that although birth was painful, it was a different kind of pain and it made her feel more alive that ever before – a feeling she has not gotten from anything else.

WHATTT! This b*tch is crazy!

I can practically hear you scream at your screens from here, but actually…I agree.

When my sister was pregnant at the start of the year, we were shopping for baby clothes and I asked her if she was excited at the thought of having a new baby and her answer was…

“Hell no! I’m petrified, are you kidding? I do NOT want to give birth again, it makes me feel sick even thinking about it!”

I thought she was crazy, and I told her so. Birth for me was, yes of course painful…so so painful, but absolutely amazing and so life affirming! I went on to remind her of all the things that happen after birth.

To start, the pain goes almost instantly. If it doesn’t…well it feels as though it does. This could be a mixture of hormones, drugs and distraction in the form of the cutest baby you will ever have seen, but it definitely went straight away for me. Secondly, birth is so exhausting that you are happy just to have it over with, but truthfully you will (I hope) feel the happiest you have ever been straight after the baby has finally made an appearance. (Whether your labour has taken 48 hours or 20 minutes, the word finally will always be accurate.)

Then comes the rush of hormones making you feel like superwoman. You can take on the world. You could probably lift a truck. You are woman. You are Mom. You are amazing. Look at you. Look at what you made. Look at what you did. YOU ARE AWESOME.

You will also have the most body confidence that you will ever have. 20 aspiring nurses and doctors wanna take a quick look at me? Sure thing! Come, take pictures if you like! Look at my body! Look at what it can do! It is a wonderland after all, just like John Mayer said! Oh, and don’t mind my tit down there…it’s nourishing this fresh little human – THAT I MADE! Are you impressed yet? Go on, tell me how impressed you are by my natural body.

There is no wine, drug or quick thrill like it in the entire world. It can boost you so high, you don’t know how you will ever come down. That is, of course, until you crash of exhaustion.

I have no plans at the moment to have any more children, but I agree with Holly. It definitely is saddening that I may never feel that high again.

9 thoughts on “Birth: Why Women Forget The Pain

  1. I have so many people tell me I'll forget the pain – I know I won't. I don't want to forget how painful and challenging it was, because it gives me confidence. Sounds odd maybe, but when I look back I think to myself that I did it. I got through it and I could get through it again. I feel proud of myself for toughing it out. It really does give you a high. Thinking back makes me smile now. #TribalLove

  2. I agree with you, there is something lovely about the pain. That sounds weird! But the whole process of it and the fact that you are bringing new life into the world makes you feel amazing and in awe of what your body can do.

  3. Not having done the natural birth thing I can't relate in quite the same way – but even after my section I have to say the pain wasn't all that bad cos this tiny person needed me and I made that! #triballove

  4. To be fair the title to this was a bit misleading (a ploy to get views on my part ;)), but yeah I definitely won't forget the pain at all! I think when people say that, they mean that in time you won't remember it as something so horrific and see it as something you would do again! Thanks for the comment! Lucy xx

  5. I agree. Whether you had a natural birth your not, your body has been through a lot, and there is still something to be so proud of! You made a pie and a pud! Lucy xx

  6. It WAS amazing yes (well the 2nd time was, daughter 1 was prem, born at 29wks and it was all a bit of nightmare with worry and stuff but that's another story lol) but would I do it again? Nope! not because my family is complete, and I didn't even have a bad experience the 2nd time around, but I can honestly say I will not feel sad about the fact I will never give birth again lol – really lovely post though, and everything you say about the sense of achievement and the love is absolutely true. 🙂

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