Sir Spam-a-lot…

So I’m back… OK, maybe you did or did not notice that I had a bit of a break, but I am back either way! It was the holidays and I was struggling to spend time with my family and friends (Who near enough ALL either work or are in full time education!) and feed and bath my child, so I decided to take some time out! Whilst I was away, however, my blog became victim to spammers! (I know it’s annoying, but actually this was the first time I […]

It’s All Fluff – What’s Wrong With Being Commercial?

  **WARNING: LONG POST** “It’s all fluff!”  In year 10, as part of our GCSE coursework, I was required to write a short story. “The title of the piece must be “Monday”, but it can be about anything you want, anything at all.” Excitement fluttered through my stomach, and I spent the rest of the school day obsessing over which idea I was going to pick. We had been told to write down 5 openers to different stories, and my head was almost audibly buzzing as I thought of all […]