10 Gross Things My Kid Has Done

To me M is perfect, but she is just a baby and that means she does some things us mums would rather not talk about…well not me. Nearly every day M does something that amazes and astounds me, but 6/10 times those things are pretty gross. Here is a run down of the 10 best (or weirdest) ones. 
1. She licked my foot. Actually she does this quite a lot. She really likes feet and slippers. 
2. Played with her boogie. I think a lot of children do this, but she actually gets upset if you take it off her. 
3. She also likes to sit with her boogies dripping down her face. I’m sure she can’t actually enjoy that sensation, but she cries so hard when you try to wipe them away.
4. Licked her fingers one by one, then after wiping the spit on me, lifted my had to lick it back off. Then she giggled about the whole affair. 
5. Posted mushed up banana into the legs of her baby grow when I wasn’t looking and then proceeded to stomp around on said banana INSIDE the baby grow for two hours. 
6. Crawled as quickly as she could away from a spider and when I swiftly smushed it (sorry spider, but a tiny shoe was the closest thing to hand), she returned to eat it. (She didn’t just to clarify, but she tried.)
7. Did a tiny little poop in the bath, and with what I thought was innocent splashing, actually started a small water poonado or poonami if you will.  
8. She enjoys playing with her nappies, both clean and dirty. Since she started to crawl, I literally have to throw the dirty nappy as far as I can away from me so that she doesn’t try to stick her fingers in it while I get her redressed. 
9. She HUNTS for the crumbs/dropped peas/crisp halves that fall under the sofa, and then tries to eat them. If I let her they would be her favourite snacks. 
10. She recently learnt to sniff properly, so now she’s decided its both funny and exciting to sniff (and then lick) lots of things, including smudges on windows. 

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