Diet starts tomorrow. Promise.

Things Girls Starting A Diet ALWAYS Say…

I’m starting a diet today…AGAIN. (Yes, I know!) I am one of those girls that tells themselves a thousand times a month that she will diet, and then at the end of the month I will look back and count all the weight that I could have lost but didn’t! I usually start of by saying things like –

– I will start my new diet tomorrow! Tomorrow is the day!

– Diet today! New diet, new day, new me!

– I can basically feel the fat dripping off me already! 20 minute workout and look at all that sweat! I can totally do this.

– I’m super hungry now, but that’s okay! That’s just my body adjusting!

Then by day two, it’s a little more like..

– I feel 4 pounds lighter already, OMG! Let’s just go weigh ourselves!

– OK, only half a pound lost. But that’s OK, half a pound is half a pound. IT ALL ADDS UP!

– Let’s just do another work out, I felt so good after yesterdays one.

– Oh god, my legs have turned to jelly. I literally can’t stand.

– My god my stomach hurts. Why is my stomach hurting?

– OK, handy DR.Google says that I’m not dying, I’ve just pulled my stomach muscles.

– Oh no, I forgot I had those chocolate biscuits still in the cupboard. Well, I can’t start a diet with those in the house…I’ll just eat them and start a fresh tomorrow.

Then the cycle will start all over again. Sometimes I will go a little longer than two days. Sometimes it will go weeks and when I’m around friends I will start saying…

– You know there’s this awesome workout that I do, I can do it with you if you like? (AKA Please do this with me.)

– I’m trying to diet, so I can’t really eat at Wetherspoons. How about we just go to Greggs and grab a sandwich or something?

– Well, there’s only like 290 calories in a sausage roll, right? That’s actually less calories than I should be having for lunch.

– I should just eat what I want and count the calories.

– How many calories are in them cookies?

Bridesmaids cookie gif

– Have you got MyFitnessPal?

– I should be dieting today, but I feel bad sat here not eating when you are.

My workouts also start to slip, because I can usually rationalise myself out of doing them.

– I need to have a rest day. I can’t do it every day.

– I don’t really want to build muscle at this stage, I just want to burn fat. (I’m aware that’s not how that works.)

– I did a LOT of walking today, so that’s already a lot of cardio.

– I still ache from doing it three days ago. My body clearly can’t handle it. Plus, its 70% diet and only 30% exercise.

2 thoughts on “Things Girls Starting A Diet ALWAYS Say…

    1. Haha thanks! That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing all week! Sat with a bag of chocolate buttons currently! And before you say…yes I was meant to start a diet last week! Lucy xx

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