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Things To Do With A Child When It’s Hot

If your child is anything like mine, then as soon as it’s even a little warm outside they start to whinge. Here are a few things that I have used to combat the grumbling –

– Ice lollies that inevitably end up in a puddle of sticky mess on of the following surfaces; carpet, patio, grass, pram, baby, Mummy. (Ice creams are similar. I feel for any parent whose child is old enough to understand the pied piper call of the ice cream van.)

– The park, so that you can sit listening to the calming sounds of 30 screaming children who have given their bare legs second degree burns on the METAL slide. (Why…?)

– Naps. Assuming, of course, that you can get them to have a nap in the first place.

– A fan that is made of foam so not to hurt their tiny baby fingers, although if they touch those foamy blades they will still act as though their tiny baby fingers have been cut off.

– A paddling pool, making sure to spend the best part of two hours blowing up the inflatable froggy thing and filling it with water that actually isn’t cold at all so that your child will happily sit in it, only for them to – 1) Be bored of it after 5 minutes. 2) Scream and insist on being picked up after 5 seconds. (Although not 10 minutes later they are happy enough to sit in the bath with the same temperature water and then scream when you try to take them out.)

– Walk around (your own house) naked or in as little clothing as possible and live in constant fear of them ripping off the nappy and taking a dump in the corner.

– A sand pit and water bay, because it’s really fun to get as mucky and sandy as physically possible when you are warm and then stand scrubbing sand off your child after they have ran it throughout your house – and somehow in their own bed! If you are extra lucky you child will act as though you are scrubbing their own skin off, although you could, of course, chuck ’em straight into –

– The bath! Which (As previously mentioned!) is great at cooling down your child and they will sit happily in if for hours at a time, demanding lunch and dinner in there also. The only draw back of this is that it leaves the adult bathing the child feeling as thought they are sat on the top level of a sauna!

I have such fond memories of sunny days and am always saying “We can do this in summer…”, however, after having summer now for 3 days I think it can sod off again! Please tell me it’s the same for you too?

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