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I Wanna Be Where The People Are

Today I really wanted to write a post about how irritating it is when children REFUSE to sleep because they think that they are missing out on some great party – but that post would have literally been a rant about how Mini has refused to go to sleep the past few nights. (In fact, as I type this she is upstairs shouting and banging around because next doors children are in their garden.)

I knew exactly what I wanted to call the piece however – I Wanna Be Where The People Are. A line from Mini’s all time favourite song. That’s when I got the idea to do one of those “alternative lyrics” posts instead!

I know that this has been done many times before, and I know there are probably plenty of you Disney fans that, like me, practically reinvent this song 4 times a day…(Usually along the lines of “Look at this baby, isn’t she sweet. Tell Daddy, our baby making is complete…) BUT here goes…

(Obviously, some of the words haven’t been changed because I’m not a lyrical genius and the original lines fit!)


Look at this bed, isn’t it neat?
And I guess that I’m tired, yes I’m beat.
Wouldn’t you think I’m a girl,
A girl who would fall asleep?

Look at this trove, treasures untold.
How many teddies can one cotbed hold?
Looking in here you’d think,
Sure, she’s got everything!

I’ve got bottles for milk and for water,
I’ve got two of my favourite books.
Had my nappy changed? Just 5 minutes ago,
But who cares?
No big deal, I want out.

I wanna be, where the people are,
I wanna watch Strictly Come Dancin’,
Swooshing around to impress,
Whats his name again?

Oh, Bruce.

I can hear that Eastenders is on,
I can hear people talking, shouting,
Telling people to get out of their,
What’s that word?


Down where they laugh, down where it’s fun,
They’re all awake even though there’s no sun,
They’re guzzling the wine,
Go on it’s fine, to keep me awake!

What would I give, if I go,
Downstairs for one hour?
What if I said, that i would nap,
Twice tomorrow?

Betcha my cousin, is still awake,
Bet they don’t make her go to bed too.
She’s on her Ipad, watching Netflix,
And YouTube vids!

I’m ready to know what you’re doing down there,
Ready to know what is so damn funny!
Why are you laughing and who is this..

Graham Norton?

When you coming up? Wouldn’t I love
Love to explore what it’s like after dark?!
Out of this cot, go on it’s fine…
To keep me awake.

– Thank you if you made it all the way through that! Hope you don’t get it stuck in your head all day like I did! –

12 thoughts on “I Wanna Be Where The People Are

  1. Aww one of my fave Disney songs too! I love this and so true…I’ve been staring longingly at all the people on beer gardens just chilling with their cider and beer, thinking “ahh if only we didn’t have a wriggling toddler…” Xx #triballove

    1. It’s one of my favourite ones too! I used to sing it in the bath and practice swooshing out of it..when I was little of course! Haha xx

    1. Yes, no doubt you will! She actually isn’t that interested in Disney films – mostly because they’re all cartoons and not real people, but she loves all the songs! Lucy xx

  2. I definitely did not belt this out loud enough that I could be heard out on the steet. The Strictly Come Dancing lyrics made me laugh. I’m now off to settle down on the sofa with the little one to watch The Little Mermaid. (: x
    Ruth Jayne recently posted…Annabelle’s First Hair CutMy Profile

    1. Funnily, she isn’t to interested in the film. I have no idea why, but she loves the music from it! (I don’t mind though because it’s one of my favourites!) xx

  3. Nicely done indeed. My youngest also sleeps with so many teddies in her cot that i sometimes have to rearrange them just so I can put her down. She gives me no grief though. On the other hand her brother… well let’s just say he has a big imagination. #triballove

  4. Hahaha brilliant and very well done. I feel your pain. We look forward to summer and then we forget that this means that our children refuse to sleep and becoming very, very, grumpy as a result. Grrrr! Ps have you changed your website again? It’s looking lovely!
    Emma recently posted…A glorious Morning At Portelet BayMy Profile

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