Things That Make Me Feel Like I’m Still A Child

I don’t think I can pretend any longer, it’s finally time to admit that I am officially an adult. I held out for 26 years, but now that I live alone and have to pay bills, do chores and make my own meals, I think I have to give it up. That’s not to say that there aren’t still a few things that make me feel like I am still a child, and make me question my ability to “adult”. One of which is understanding taxes, rebates and pensions. (Why […]

Here’s To You (Part 5)

– The girls who get hooked on a Netflix series and HAVE to watch it all in one day. – The girls who are upset that a series on Netflix doesn’t fit all in one day and we have to go to bed at some point. -The girls who dream about being a part of the Netflix series because we watched too much of it before bed. – The girls who have to Google what is going to happen next on the Netflix series, because we just can’t handle it. […]

Pros & Cons of Living Alone – THE PROS

Okay, a little disclaimer, I don’t technically live alone. Of course, there is a little Mini Me running around this household, however having lived with flatmates, boyfriends and parents I can tell you it pretty much is still very much like living alone (apart from all the great Mini cuddles I get.) Living alone can be great, but it can also be super lonely and sometimes scary – mostly when I am lay in bed at night and hear a funny noise! Sometimes, when I’m washing up for the fourth […]

A Letter To Mum – Happy Birthday!

Mum, Today is your birthday, so naturally I have been thinking about how much I love you and how lucky I am to have you in both mine and M’s life. When I had M, though my heart was full of love and joy, it broke a little for you. I know this may sound odd or crazy, but as I sat with her in my arms I was overwhelmed with happiness because to this little girl, I was the whole world. I was her warmth, her comfort, her safe […]

Birth: Why Women Forget The Pain

The downright gorgeous Holly Willoughby has recently been quoted saying that she loves giving birth. She said that although birth was painful, it was a different kind of pain and it made her feel more alive that ever before – a feeling she has not gotten from anything else. WHATTT! This b*tch is crazy!I can practically hear you scream at your screens from here, but actually…I agree.When my sister was pregnant at the start of the year, we were shopping for baby clothes and I asked her if she was […]

5 Ways My Kid Is Trying To Get A New Dad

This post was supposed to be about travelling on a train with a one year old, after our 5 hour (almost) train journey to Edinburgh for our holiday last week, but as luck would have it Mini-Me was as good as a child possibly could be with very minimal effort from me. I had nothing funny to write about and absolutely no advice to give. My next idea was to write a post about her behaviour in general on the holiday, but again…very little to report. I did notice that […]

Here’s to You (Part 4)

– The girls who ALWAYS put their toe, or entire leg, through the holes in ripped jeans. – The girls who own 50 pairs of shoes and wear the same pair every day. – The girls who binge watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race.– The girls who can’t do their make-up as good as the b*tches on Ru Paul’s Drag Race. – The girls who leave it to the very last minute to pack for a holiday. – The girls who leave it to the very last minute to buy a […]