(NOT) How To: Use Coconut Oil For Your Skin

Lots of people rave about the many uses of coconut oil, and since I already had it in the house (for my hair) I thought I would try it out on my face. (Mostly because I wasn’t too sure about how I would feel about it in my mouth…that’s what she said.) ** I am not an expert** You should use coconut oil for your skin if: – You already have it in the house. (If I already have it in the house for some other reason I basically class […]

Here’s to You! (Part 1)

Here’s to you/me/us: – The girls who pop a spot as soon as it dare make an appearance. We know we shouldn’t, we tell other people they shouldn’t, but as soon as it raises its ugly yellow head we have to get rid of it – and fast! – The girls who started a diet a week ago and the cucumber you brought for “salad” is still half eaten in the fridge. And will probably stay there for another week. – The girls that decide not to do the washing […]

10 Gross Things My Kid Has Done

To me M is perfect, but she is just a baby and that means she does some things us mums would rather not talk about…well not me. Nearly every day M does something that amazes and astounds me, but 6/10 times those things are pretty gross. Here is a run down of the 10 best (or weirdest) ones.  1. She licked my foot. Actually she does this quite a lot. She really likes feet and slippers.  2. Played with her boogie. I think a lot of children do this, but […]

P.lease M.ore S.weets

Today I was really suffering with our good old pal, Aunt Flow. I had a gas man come round to my house to fit a smart meter (only took 8 months to sort), and though he was only here for an hour at the most, I noticed myself become more and more unnecessarily angry at how long he was taking and how many questions he was asking me, when all I wanted to do was go and buy a shop worth of cake, sweets and maybe some chips. (He was ACTUALLY […]