London Skyline

The Times We Live In

Just a short few years ago I would roam around the city of London, shopping, flirting with boys and having little adventures exploring the history of our great capital. It would have never occurred to me that there may be a threat to my life whilst doing this. When I was a teenager my friends and I would go multiple times a year to music […]

Contraceptive pill

The Contraceptive Pill & Me

When I was fourteen I was prescribed the contraceptive pill to “help” with my periods. I’d been having periods from the ripe old age of eleven, and after three years of suffering from crippling pain and nights spent spewing my guts into the toilet, I had decided this womanhood malarky wasn’t for me. I hadn’t really considered the contraceptive pill (I was only fourteen and […]

Anxiety Pieces

Anxiety – It’s not just me!

**DISCLAIMER** I’m not looking to diminish anxiety for those that do suffer from it, especially as I myself suffer from it in many of its various forms, I’m just wondering if we shouldn’t all take a little comfort from the thought of anxiety being much more common than we think. Anxiety and depression is the most common mental disorder in Britain (source), and every day […]


Just My Luck

Firstly…it has snowed! It has actually bloody well snowed! Side note: I love snow, always have and always will, but snow does not love me and therefore I’m usually just trapped inside hoping that I don’t break my neck when the time comes to put my bins out. Yesterday was miserable, so I’m extra glad that it has snowed overnight as it’s almost (just about) […]

No Junk Mail

Sir Spam-a-lot…

  My blog has become a victim to spammers! (I know it’s annoying, but actually this is the first time I have really been targeted so I’m taking that to mean that I’m famous now…right?) Yes, I have been inundated with message after message from Doleres, Issy, Dalton, Kassie, Jalene, Minnie, Bonner, Brandy…the list really goes on. So, for your amusement, here are some of […]

Diet starts tomorrow. Promise.

Things Girls Starting A Diet ALWAYS Say…

I’m starting a diet today…AGAIN. (Yes, I know!) I am one of those girls that tells themselves a thousand times a month that she will diet, and then at the end of the month I will look back and count all the weight that I could have lost but didn’t! I usually start of by saying things like – – I will start my new […]

mean girls sweatpants

To My Dear Sweatpants…

Dear fluffy sweatpants, When I was younger I hated you. I refused to wear you and associated you only with “chavs”. For this I am sorry – I truly am. I reached for you in my wardrobe today, thanking god that Blighty was finally cooling down enough for me to wear you. You hug me so nicely and are so soft against my skin. You […]

little mermaid meme

I Wanna Be Where The People Are

Today I really wanted to write a post about how irritating it is when children REFUSE to sleep because they think that they are missing out on some great party – but that post would have literally been a rant about how Mini has refused to go to sleep the past few nights. (In fact, as I type this she is upstairs shouting and banging […]

Quote: My number is 666

Dating Tales: The Time I Dated The Devil

I know you’re all thinking it – It’s about time for another disastrous dating tale! (OK, yes I do know that literally none of you were thinking that, but I’m gonna go ahead and write it anyway!) This is actually a story that I don’t think I have told anyone before, but it is nevertheless true. Back in my sad and lonely uni days, when […]

Child falling in paddling pool

Things To Do With A Child When It’s Hot

If your child is anything like mine, then as soon as it’s even a little warm outside they start to whinge. Here are a few things that I have used to combat the grumbling – – Ice lollies that inevitably end up in a puddle of sticky mess on of the following surfaces; carpet, patio, grass, pram, baby, Mummy. (Ice creams are similar. I feel […]